How to Transfer Money from Google Pay to Bank Account

Today, there are always new financial apps and services available. These new systems include methods for making payments to friends without having any trouble. The navigation of some of these apps might be a bit challenging. 

Fortunately, Google Pay has simplified the process of receiving money and depositing it into your bank account. Google Pay makes online financial transactions much simpler for you. You can simply use it as a quick start guide for a digital payment app.


You might have a question “can you transfer money from google pay to bank account” and the answer is yes you can. Google Pay helps in the money transfer as well to non-google pay members. In this article, you will learn about the complete process of money transfer from google pay to a bank account.

Method to Transfer Money From Google Pay To Bank Accounts

Here, a whole procedure of money transfer is mentioned below.

  • Google Pay App: Open your Google Pay app as soon as possible if you want to deposit the funds into your bank account.
  • Profile Icon – Your profile icon should be visible once you have accessed the Google Pay app in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it.
  • Bank Transfer Options – In the bank transfer option, enter the Bank details like Account No, IFSC, and Recipient name then tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Choose an Amount – There will be a place to enter a currency amount on the new screen. The amount of money you wish to withdraw from your Google Pay app must now be selected. Consider the overall money you have available to you when doing this. Click “Next” after entering the amount you want to transfer out. It will take some time to transfer money.


Transfers from Google Pay to debit cards are often immediate. However, transferring money via a debit card will cost you 1.5% more. This cost is quite little and hardly apparent.

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