How to Transfer Money to International Bank Account

Do you have family abroad and worry about how to send money to them? In this era, it is not a big deal. If you wish to transfer money to international bank account, then you have a range of options, but the price and processing time should be considered before selecting a method. While transferring money to foreign bank accounts, you should consider the following factors.

Amount Limit

There may be the minimum and maximum amount you can transfer abroad, depending on the bank you choose, under various international banking requirements. The restrictions could be progressive over a fixed amount of time, or they might apply to every transaction.



Usually, a percentage of the total is charged as the fee. You will probably be charged a markup on the currency exchange rate. When transferring USD to Mexico or China, consumers should not expect to get the greatest exchange rate.

You have a lot of options, but the best international money transfer service depends on your needs. The best techniques for moving money to international accounts are explained in this article.

Here are some best ways to transfer money abroad.

Through Bank

To check whether your bank offers wire transfers, inquire with them. Because you already deal with them and have an account with your bank, this is sometimes the most straightforward way to send money. 

To begin, get in touch with your bank to discover the procedure because you often need to enable international transfers. Once everything is set up, your bank may send money to the person’s international account.

Western Union

One of the earliest methods of sending money abroad is the Western Union. If you prefer to transfer money in person rather than online, Western Union has physical locations all around the world. 

When you need money sent abroad quickly, without the trouble of paperwork, and without delays in getting the money, Western Union is an ideal option.


Moneygram is one of the largest suppliers of money transfers. It has over 300,000 retail outlets and operates in more than 200 countries, which is useful if you want the receiver to get cash. 

Although they do not have the cheapest prices, they typically provide quick transfers, which is convenient if you are in a rush.


The quickest way to transmit money online and internationally is through PayPal. You transfer funds to your recipient’s PayPal account using your PayPal account. Every step of the procedure is done digitally. When you use PayPal to send money, you link your bank account, and the recipient electronically transfers the money from PayPal to their bank account.


One of the least expensive methods of sending money abroad is using TransferWise. They do not apply markups and support fair rates. The costs charged by TransferWise are among the lowest in the market. The costs are the lowest when you use a bank account; they are typically one percent of the amount you transfer.


Your demands will determine which international money transfer service is ideal for you. Choose a method with high speeds if you need a quick transfer, but be prepared to spend extra. This article shows you some of the best money transfer methods, now it’s on your needs which suits you better.

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